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  • Unabashedly pro-business.   We're "building the bench" of future public leaders who understand business issues because they've lived business issues and will pursue policies that promote a positive jobs climate;
  • More than education, our program strategically prepares leaders for future public leadership with a unique curriculum;
  • There is no commitment required to run for office, merely explore the possibility;
  • 100% scholarship thanks to the support of our local investors.

We need your business and management experience in political leadership. 

Prepare here to make a no cost to you.


In politics, opportunities often choose you. 

Whether you're exploring a run for office or positioning yourself to land an appointment on an influential board or commission...

will you be ready when your opportunity strikes?  Will your network be in place?  Will your family be prepared?  Will you understand the political landscape?

That's why we're here.



San Diego's future quality of life depends on the quality of our future public leaders who are prepared to use their real-world business experiences and talent to tackle our most pressing public challenges.  Are you ready?   Learn to lead here. There's no cost to apply or participate.

The San Diego Public Leadership Institute is a nonpartisan public leadership development program that prepares business leaders who have a desire to explore future opportunities in public leadership and who will pursue policies that promote a positive business climate.  For some, that means learning from experts about how to run for political office at some point in the future while developing strategies now to transition from private to public life.  Others are interested in landing an appointment on an influential board or commission.

Graduates have been elected to city councils in San Diego and Coronado, several have declared for 2016 elections and others are serving on influential boards and commissions that cover the Convention Center, Unified Port of San Diego, economic development, tourism, parks and recreation, regional cooperation, government-taxpayer accountability and more.  Most graduates are preparing for future opportunities.

There is no commitment required to run or serve, merely have a desire to explore future possibilities in public leadership.  Learn more about the curriculum and meeting times or FAQs.

“As a small business owner, I developed sound financial management principles that now provide the cornerstone of my service as an elected official...PLI made a tremendous difference in my transition.”
The Hon. Bill Sandke
City of Coronado Councilmember
2014 SDPLI class member

"The PLI is a fantastic program. I (appreciated) hearing first hand from people who were involved in politics and policy and learning what it’s like to go through a campaign and be prepared for a leadership position.   The class teaches you the skills to make a contribution.”
The Hon. Chris Cate
San Diego City Council member (2014)
San Diego PLI Class of 2013

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